ADI Part 2 – Driving

Welcome to Part 2 of your Driver & Instructor Training online course. Your course has been designed to be a blended learning program of video and text with the expectation that you practice in car privately. We strongly advise you also seek professional in car training with a trainer either booked through Let’s Instruct Driving Instructor Academy or privately.

Being able to drive at a high professional standard is a minimum requirement for a driving instructor. Your day to day driving should be at the highest standard. You may also be called upon at any time to demonstrate any aspect of driving to aid your pupils understanding with little warning.


  1. Above you will find the ‘Materials’ tab. Click this tab to find your ‘Reflective Log’ in a PDF form. Please print off as many as you require to fill out one at the end of every session you do on the course and in car. Reflecting on your work this way is a vital part of your training, not only is reflective practice a proven way of retaining information more effectively, but by the end of your training you will have built a full record of your training that you can revisit at anytime.
  2. Please take an image of your reflective logs and upload them to the course using the ‘Upload Assignments’ tab found on every lesson throughout the course.

Good luck, enjoy developing your driving and moving it onto the next level.